We have Virtual Classes & In Person classes. 
All In person classes are held at Marshall Community Center, 1009 E McLoughlin Blvd, Vancouver WA - kitty corner from Clark College.  
Virtual Classes are currently through Zoom.  Please email with class date, and a link will be sent to you.  



Saturday 2/4 from 10am-1pm (in person @ Marshall)
Thursday 2/16 from 5:30pm-730pm (virtual)
Saturday 2/18 1pm-3pm (virtual)

Saturday 3/18 from 10am-12pm (virtual)

Saturday 3/11 from 9am -12pm (in person @ Marshall)
Tuesday 3/21 from 5pm -8pm (in person)


Saturday 4/1 10am-1pm (in person @ Marshall)
Saturday 4/15 from 1pm-3pm (virtual)
Monday 4/17 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (virtual)


Saturday  5/13 from 9am-12pm (@ Marshall in person)
Thursday 5/25 from 5pm-8pm (in person)
Saturday 5/27 from 10am-12pm (virtual)


Saturday 6/17 1pm-3pm (virtual)
Tuesday 6/20 from 5:30pm-7:30pm (virtual)

Saturday 6/10 from 10am-1pm (@ Marshall in person)


Saturday 7/15 from 10am-12pm (virtual)

Saturday 7/8 from 9am -12pm (in person @ Marshall)
Monday 7/17 from 5pm -8pm (in person @ Marshall)

Saturday 8/12 from 1pm-3pm (virtual - during Fair)
Thursday 8/31 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (virtual)
Saturday 8/17 10am-1pm (in person @ Marshall)

Saturday 9/16 from 10am-12pm (virtual)

Saturday  9/9 from 9am-12pm (in person @ Marshall)
Tuesday 9/19 from 5pm-8pm (in person @ Marshall)


Saturday 10/14 from 10am-1pm (in person @ Marshall)
Saturday 10/21 1pm-3pm (virtual)
Monday 10/23 from 530pm-730pm (virtual)

Saturday 11/11 from 10am-12pm (virtual)

Saturday 11/4 from 9am -12pm (in person @ Marshall)
Thursday 11/9 from 5pm -8pm (in person @ Marshall)


Saturday 12/2 10am-1pm (in person @ Marshall)
Saturday 12/9 from 1pm-3pm (virtual)
Tuesday 12/12 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm (virtual)

Please email chris.berg@cardinalfinancial.com or traciedemars@aol.com for the Class Link, or with any questions.  We are happy to help...Thank you  

Please remember that you can go to the BLOG page for more home buyer (& seller) education in the form of the monthly emails & videos.  We are always available for your questions...  Thank you!!  

​In person classes are about 3 hours long, free, and non-promotional.  Yes...they are free and non-promotional.  We are volunteers, and as we have no affiliations, the classes are direct, honest, and straightforward...we will not sugarcoat the process or the information.  We do try to be fun, and keep the classes entertaining though!  Your questions are welcome and encouraged!   We have the rooms scheduled for 4 hours to make sure we have enough time to answer your questions.  Thank you for attending and for referring the classes....   



Other Events we will be attending:
Last Weekend in April - Clark County Home & Garden Show @ the Clark County Event Center (Fairgrounds) 

​August 4-13 - 2023 Clark County Fair @ the Clark County Fairgrounds 

**Classes are scheduled through 2023
Keep an eye on the website for updated classes...