Chris Berg
Cardinal Financial
503-320-0925 cell

I have had the privilege of working with Chris Berg for about ten years now, and it truly has been a privilege.  His honesty and integrity are impressive, as is his commitment to his clients.  I have seen him consistently go above, and beyond, what many lenders will do.  He has a 'never say die' mentality, and a stick-to-it attitude that means that he is always looking for solutions to any issues that may come up.  He thinks outside of the box, and isn't just about the client that is ready now.  Chris truly wants to help everyone...whether they or ready now, or just need some help to get ready.  He is always available for questions by phone or email, and his answers are easy to understand.  :-)


You have the right to hire anyone you want in your home buying adventure, and there are many good lenders out there to choose from.  If you haven't spoke with a lender yet, or you would appreciate a second, or third opinion, I highly recommend you call Chris Berg.