Free Home SELLERS Classes

Thinking about Selling, but not sure where to go to get help with your answers?

   Due to popular demand and request, we are happy to announce a Free Home SELLERS class!  These classes will, as always, be free and non-promotional...


   As much as you love your home, sometimes it just doesn't 'fit' anymore....maybe it's too small now?  Or maybe your home is too big now?  Have you thought about selling your home, but want to ask questions, learn about the process, go over the paperwork, find out questions to ask, learn about disclosures, and find out how you sell your home and buy a new home at the same time?  What about the psychology of selling? The marketing?  What do you need to do to sell a home? Well, here we are...


   Honestly, buying a home can be scary, but selling a home can be scarier!  What papers are involved?  How does the process work?  What agent works for whom?  Who is coming into your home?  What laws/rules do the buyers and buyers agent have to obey?  What laws/rules do you have to obey?  How does showings work?  How do buyers and their agents get into your home?  Can you stay?  Or leave?  What happens during a showing?  What happens when you get an offer?  What happens AFTER the offer?                        


   The Home Sellers classes will be free, and non-promotional.  We aren't there to 'sell' you anything, but to help you with your questions.  These classes will be about 3 hours long, and yes, lunch/dinner will be included with your reservation.  The classes will be taught by:

an experienced real estate agent who will explain the papers involved with listing your home, the sellers disclosures, the rules involved in selling your home, what a CMA (comparable market analysis) is, and how it relates to finding your optimal sale price, and more.

an experienced title officer (if she can make it, otherwise paperwork will be provided to explain) who will go over the fees involved in selling your home, explain how escrow works, talk about title insurance, liens on the property, and explain a HUD statement.

an experienced lender to talk about your current loan, payoffs, and answer any questions about new loans. 

The Home Selling Education class is a lot like the home buyer class....just from the other side of the transaction!  


Classes will be held at the office of: (currently taught online)

Cardinal Financial
7710 NE Greenwood Dr. #200
Vancouver, WA 98662


UPCOMING Free Home Sellers Classes:

Please stay safe, and healthy during this time, and feel free to go to the Blog site at or for the home buyer/seller education email blog saved pages.  

We are always here to answer your questions!  

...currently these classes will be virtual classes.  I will update this website as soon as the offices are opened again.  Please email for link & password for the class, and with any questions.  Thank you

October 2021... virtual classes

Saturday,  October 23rd, from 9am - 11am

November 2021
Saturday, November 20th, from 9am-11:00am

December 2021
Saturday, December 18th, from 12:00pm-3:00pm


*If you prefer a different day or time, that can be accommodated.  Thank you!

** If these dates/times do not work for you, please let me know.  We are happy to set up a special class date/time/location, to go over the information with you.    We understand everyone's schedules are different so we always try to accommodate as ours are more flexible.  

Thank you!!